A heavenly immersive dining experience based on the story of Dionysus, God of Pleasure and Mischief, brought to you by immersive party pioneers Shotgun Carousel - www.shotguncarousel.co.uk

Blurring the lines between feast and fantasy, DIVINE PROPORTIONS reimagines the story of the God of Wine, Hedonism and ritual ecstasy. Every ticket includes a FIVE COURSE BANQUET and an evening filled with out-of-this-world entertainment. 

 ‘Five course feast meets outrageous kitsch cabaret meets all night after-party’

A mythological journey to heaven and back, through secret, sparkling tunnels and into subterranean paradise by your mercurial host Dionysus, along with their cohort of cult priestesses; a cavorting band of circus sirens and party starters. 


Dionysus - Helen White / Leah Kirby 

Aphrodite & Persephone - Charlie Bouquett / Molly Beth Morrosa 

The Maenads - Dajana Trtanj / Porscha Bennett-Skepple / Alana Bloom & Rosy Pendlebury

Eros - Alana Bloom / Rosy Pendlebury



Concept & Creative Producer - Laura Drake Chambers 

Director - Celine Lowenthal

Scriptor - Cressida Peever 

Set, Costume & Puppetry Design - Samuel Wyer 

Art Director - Jessie Glover Gillilan 

Sound Design - Alex Mackenzie

Choreography - Daisy Smith

Lighting Design - Jess Hung Han Yun 

Headdresses/Neckpiece - Isla Campbell Millinery

Costume Assistant - Holly Glover 


Executive Producer - The Vaults


Food designed and prepared by Chavdar Todorov, Steven Estevez and their team

“Deliciously risqué, the sybaritic evening is an all-encompassing voyage through a world where extravagance is the norm, labels are left at the door, and everyone can be who they truly are”


“Raunchy and Bold”


“An evening of hedonistic pleasures”


“A five course, cocktails, cabaret and hot candle wax kind of a show"


"It’s rare to see an event of this nature that is so visibly female-led and so liberated in its attitude to sexuality, gender and what makes a good night out. This evening is unique, inspiring and about so much more than food!


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