Throughout ancient history within in all corners of the earth, the ‘woman’ has been painted as a doorway to sin.

Goddesses to be worshipped upon pedestals. Creatures to be adored. Demons to be feared.

These women  have been condemned for their independence, their sexuality, but most importantly:

Their power.

FEMMEDAEMONIUM is an entirely female lead project with a cause: To challenge the misrepresentation of women through carnal theatre

 Allow us to distort the historical perception as we unveil the real women behind the myths.  Join our ritual and bear witness to the feminine energy- raw and unshackled
We are here to celebrate. We are here to feel empowered. We are here to be heard. 

We create venue specific,  safe havens by drawing inspiration from the site we take over, providing an alternate reality in keeping with its surroundings.

Able to roam freely and follow narratives as an individual with a choice that influences the story, you are not a member of the audience; you are an ally.

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