Down we go, to the subterranean recesses of the darkened lair of the notorious Madame Gingerline, once a celebrated soprano turned murderess. Guests join them on the eve of her daughter’s wedding as Madame. She and her brother, the sorcerer chef Al Dente, do their best to suppress their macabre appetites and prepare the feast for an evening of bloody passion and operatic melodrama. Our joyful tidings to the bride and the groom!

Experience and Concept Design: Gingerline

Kitchen Team: The Institute of Flavourology

Set Design: Darling & Edge

Graphic Design: Nick Hayes

Animation & Shadow Puppetry: Nick Hayes, Lamb & Sea

Drinks Experience: Hannah Jackson

Sound Design: Lex Kosanke & Dom Kennedy

Story and Performance Development: Thom Mitchell & Gingerline

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