This conceptual collection explores the notion of hats as literal extensions of the mind, through Jung's theories on the division and integration of the human psyche.  He believed the human Unconscious to be divided into four parts; the Persona (the everyday mask we wear for the outside world); the Anima/Animus (the feminine in man/the masculine in woman); the Shadow (the darker side of the unconsious, usually hidden away from the world and from the conscious); the Self (the core of the psyche).  His theory was that only through the recognition of all four parts of the personality, and through the integration of these aspects, could a harmonised Whole emerge.

I depicted these five ideas through symbolism and the use of archetypal imagery; referencing Greek mythology, the colours of Alchemy, and motifs such as bird wings to represent the flight of knowledge, flowers to portray Femininity, and Mandalas to illustrate harmony.


Persona: Headpiece symbolising the side of the personality that is revealed to the outside world; the mask; vanity.  Handmade silk lilies with beaded stamen and feather spine eyelashes.

Animus: Headpiece portraying the masculine part of the female psyche (as opposed to the animus; the feminine in the male psyce).  Undercut assymetric mohawk made from quilted leather.

Shadow: Headpiece depicting the hidden, darker side of the personality, made from bird's wings, lace, crystals and liquid rubber.

Self: Headpiece symbolising the core of the psyche; the true Self; the crystal egg revealed when the petal layers of the psyche are peeled away.  Hand-etched and -molded acrylic flower with Swarovski crystal-encrusted egg.

Wholeness: Headpiece depicting Jung's concept of when the four aspects of the psyche have been recognised and integrated, as portrayed by the Mandala. Hand-etched acrylic with Swarovski crystals and ostrich feather spines.

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