Costume Design: Isla Campbell

Nurse Ratched: Zoë Cobb

Randle McMurphy: John Hinton

"This classic piece had been re-imagined into a short skit. Nurse Ratched is set with her back to the audience at a desk in the stage right corner. Instantly you could visualise her as an authority figure; with her pristine whites and large angular shoulders, the outfit was possibly inspired by SS uniform and 80s power dressing.  Kindred spirit Randle McMurphie enters through the back of the auditorium and integrates with the audience, sitting and talking among them. McMurphie is a patient in non-regulation uniform at the asylum, as are the audience. This interaction, combined with cheeky dialogue, angers the Nurse and ends with him being sent to the electroshock treatment room.  In a bid to plea with the Nurse, McMurphie ends up pulling away some of her dress as he is being dragged away, exposing her to the audience. This cold nurse resembles the steely instruments of the machine: the shoulder pads open and close like respirators, and her open dress flashes with lights and sparks as we hear sounds of pain coming from a ‘zapped’ McMurphie. This innovative design was brilliant and was executed perfectly on stage."






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